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We implement a spectrum of programs and initiatives tailored to not only reduce poverty among Los Angeles and Dallas’ most vulnerable people but enhance their overall health and well-being. We partner with like-minded philanthropic individuals and organizations and use our resources, time and energy to serve our target community through purposeful relief and development.
Our Mission
Our Vision
“To implement a spectrum of causes aimed at eliminating hunger and improving the health and well-being of vulnerable communities.”
“To be a leading nonprofit championing the prosperity of the community by donating and delivering food, providing haircuts and advocating for inclusivity.”

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Thank you for taking the time and having an interest in what we are doing.

Faith and Fox is a nonprofit set up to support the communities that we live in. We started in Los Angeles, California in 2019 and have since expanded out to Dallas, Texas. The idea is simple; to use what resources, experience, and skills we have, to give back, support and make our community better.
However, how to turn that simple idea into actions is a little more difficult and we need your help. In Los Angeles we purchased and retrofitted a Mobile Salon RV to be able to bring haircuts and supplies to
the people. The newly renovated Salon has two Hair Stations and one Wash Station with plenty of room for storage and or transportation of supplies. In Dallas our plan is to purchase another Coach RV to bring the people to the people. Our thought is to focus more on community outreach by transporting small groups and supplies to the areas and to the people that need them.
As we grow and put these ideas into actions, we will add them to the Faith & Fox Calendar. Hope to see you there!
Joanna E. Macias

Joanna E. Macias


Joanna E. Macias is an accomplished professional with a deep conviction to transform the lives of vulnerable members of her community. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Joanna is a God-loving and family-oriented mother of 2 children and a female minority entrepreneur. She is an extensively experienced hairstylist who uses her skills to help her clients stay relevant, confident and beautiful.

Our Causes

We Give Back to the Community for it Gives So Much to Us

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Next Events

United in Spirit

  • Mobil Hair Salon Build – (Starts  February 15, 2020)
  • Hair Product Drive – (Starts  June 15, 2020)
  • Hair Equipment Drive – (Starts June 15, 2020)
  • Food Drive – (Starts August 15, 2020)
  • Christian Faith & Fox Walk – (Starts November 15, 2020)
  • Grand Opening – (Starts December 15, 2020)

Once, we have this Mobile Vehicle retrofitted for Hair Care and Services, the plan is to partner with our Home Church, In His Presence Church in Woodland Hills, CA to connect us with the people that need us. From there the plan is to help the elderly and disabled, along with the homeless.

Thank you for your consideration.

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